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We, Roopabhangy Doors, commenced our journey in 1988, now we are the leading manufactures of Wooden Doors and Window frames and shutters out of well seasonal hard wood in central Kerala. By combining industry expertise with skilled craft mans and modern machineries, we have been able to satisfy a large number of customers.

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For the last 32 years Roopabhangy Doors has been manufacturing wooden doors, door frames and windows for houses and flats. As a result of decades of experience in this field we now have great expertise in choosing timber that is ideal for Kerala’s climate. Over the years Roopabhangy Doors has had the pleasure of serving thousands of satisfied customers.


The factory is fully equipped with modern equipments that aid us in providing our customers with best products. Roopabhangy Doors has also maintained its management staff and manual workers for the past thirty one years. As we focus only on wooden doors, door frames and windows, all our workers are experts in this field.


Roopabhangy Doors uses top quality timber for the manufacturing of our products and supplies them at affordable prices. As the same management staff has been handling all our customers for the past three decades, we have maintained a good relationship with them all.

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The prices of all our products are clearly and accurately displayed in our website. All our products are manufactured using only Teak, Cheru Teak and Irul that are famous for their lifetime durability.

More Than 32 years of experience,

Roopabhangy Doors

For the last few years we have been experiencing a large inflow of customers who had been cheated by low quality products in their previous purchases. Replacement of a door frame or window is difficult, expensive and messy. Replacement of entrance door due to termite infestation will lead to security problems. This is because replacement work will take at least a week's time during which the house will stay open. If door frames and windows frames that are built on the wall are of good quality that prevents termite infestation then such problems will not exist...